Here Goes!

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Thank you for stopping by my brand new blog!

I am a single mother of two teenage boys who wrestle.  They do other things too, but wrestling, and everything that goes along with it, mesmerize me.

The team dynamics, the personalities of the coaches, the incredible effort I see my boys put forth, and how it’s changed them.

I subscribed to deegee’s b&b because he has great wrestling posts that I share on our team’s facebook page from time to time.  I felt there was something missing though.  I thought the place needed a woman’s touch!

He very kindly offered to post something I wrote as a guest post.  It was fun; I was a little nervous though, I’m kinda shy like that sometimes.  After reading his comment that 500 people had read my post….well come on.  Even the most humble among us would immediately start searching for how to start your own!  I thank you very kindly, David!

I hope my posts about wrestling honor the appreciation I have of the sport, the community, and the athletes.




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